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Who we are

Rooted in the region, active throughout Europe, diverse in our languages!

Language diversity is a two-year-long European campaign dedicated to raise awareness for multilingualism and cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe.

Following the European objective of multilingualism – each European citizen should at least speak two foreign languages additionally to his mother tongue – we want to motivate people to learn more languages and inform them about the advantages of multilingualism. We focus especially on enhancing the reputation of regional and minority languages and thus contribute to the preservation of linguistic diversity in Europe.

The core of the project is to develop and to provide tools and products for specific context and specific groups in order to raise awareness and to give information. We rely on the latest scientific results about the positive effects of multilingualism.

Our language diversity team supports existing events with a regional, national and European impact in the cultural, sports and youth sector with our awareness raising campaign.

We resort to the opportunities of social networks and social campaigning in the Internet, especially Facebook and YouTube.

With this site, we would like to invite everyone who is interested to learn more about the subject of multilingualism and linguistic diversity, with a special emphasis on the regional and minority languages in Europe.

The campaign is funded with support from the European Commission (2012-2013).

Language diversity pursues the following objectives:

  • Sensitization for multilingualism and language learning in a European context
  • Awareness raising for multilingualism and motivation for language learning
  • Creating a positive image for multilingualism and linguistic diversity, taking into account the languages available in the region, by increasing the recognition of the European value of the regional and minority languages
  • Establishment of a language-friendly environments and making a sustainable contribution to the preservation and the positive use of linguistic diversity in Europe
  • Public visibility of multilingualism and linguistic diversity

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