Life Long Learning


The sticker with the slogan “It is never too late… Monolingualism is easy to cure!” is always hot and popular at all our actions. We translated this provocative slogan into more than 50 languages, from Albanian, Faroese up to Romani and Swedish.

The sticker bolsters the self-confidence of speakers of mi­nority languages and calls for attention for each language.

Especially at multilingual events it creates excitement if every person can from a package of stickers pick out his/ her own language or puzzle about what language he/she actually holds in his/her hand.

The stickers can be ordered from us for activities, cam­paigns etcetera in any number of languages and can also be downloaded.

Our stickers are available in the following languages:

Albanian Ladin
Aromanian (Macedonia) Latvian
Aromanian (Romania) Lithuanian
Asturian Luxembourgian
Azeri Moldovan
Basque Low German
Bosnian Dutch
Breton Lower Sorbian
Bulgarian North Frisian
Danish North Frisian (Sylt, Söl´ring)
German Norwegian
English Upper Sorbian
Estonian Occitan
Faroese Persian / Farsi
Fersentaler German/Mòcheno Polish
Finnish Romansh
French Romani
Galician Romanian
Georgian Russian
Griko Swedish
Irish Slovenian
Icelandic Czech
Italian Turkish
Kashubian Hungarian
Catalan Welsh
Cornish Belorussian
Croatian West Frisian

Aufkleber A7 daenischAufkleber A7 deutschAufkleber A7 englischAufkleber A7 estnischAufkleber A7 kroatischAufkleber A7 niedersorbischAufkleber A7 nordfriesischAufkleber A7 obersorbischAufkleber A7 raetoromanischAufkleber A7 russischAufkleber A7 slowenischAufkleber A7 ungarischAufkleber A7 walisisch