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Poliglotto: languages in Europe – instruction materials for teachers

With the publication “Poliglotto – languages in Europe” we would like to make learning scenarios for instruction available to teachers, so that they can better integrate the subject of language diversity in Europe.

The special feature of this publication is that in particular the minority languages and the smaller languages in Europe are taken into account.

The teacher’s guide contains short summaries with information about minority languages in Europe and some ideas on how to use the subject in instruction. Next to that, there are supplementary sheets for school students; concrete ideas for instruction that can either be used as master copies for the students or given in original. These master copies have a specific order, but can also be used otherwise.

Poliglotto is especially suited for primary school and the lower classes of secondary school.

The method should not be regarded as a final instruction series, but as a modifiable collection of ideas.