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Map of Minorities & Regional and Minority Languages in Europe

Europe is a continent of linguistic and cultural diversity, a continent of regions and of variety. We are more than 820 million people and every seventh of us belongs to a minority.

There are more than 400 minorities, ethnic groups and nationalities in Europe …

We speak more than 125 languages …

The critical threshold for the survival of a language is esti­mated at 300,000 speakers. That means that approximate­ly 80% of the European regional or minority languages are endangered. It is therefore necessary to protect and sup­port the European minorities, and to enhance the visibility of this rich diversity!

That is the reason that the Map of Minorities & Regional and Minority Languages in Europe has been developed.

  • In which countries do the Aromanians and Frisians live?
  • Where do people speak Occitan and Sorbian?
  • Which language families do Danish, or Welsh, belong to?
  • What are the languages that are being spoken in Russia?
  • How many people are speaking Kurdish?
  • In which countries or regions is German an official language?

All these and many other questions are answered in the Map of Minorities & Regional and Minority Languages of Europa! In a clear and illustrative way it shows both the cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe.

The map tries to show the complex situation of European languages and minorities at a glance – with accompanying information about the languages and the minorities, e.g. about the language family, number of speakers, the areas of settlement, photos and videos.

The European map resembles an exciting journey through our continent, during which you can learn and discover a lot!

The map is available in different versions: Europakarte

  • as a folding map
  • as a poster
  • as a presentation wall

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