From 11 to 17 April 2014, took place a seminar for educational teams in ethno-cultural language camps of the Germans from Russia in Udelnaya (Moscow region). Our “language diversity team” has also been there, giving workshops on multilingualism and linguistic diversity in Europe with a special focus on regional and minority languages.

During the practical part we did some group work: The participants should come up with ideas for our video competition MiLaS. They came from various regions of Russia, and were a linguistically and culturally diverse group consisting of teachers, students and other pedagogues. As a result, the outcomes were diverse and multilingual as well!

Furthermore, we met representatives of the Karachay-Balkar youth organization „Elbrusoid“” in the German-Russian House in Moscow. They speak the Karachay-Balkar language – a Western Turkic language, written in Cyrillic alphabet.

Many thanks to the International Union of German culture (Internationaler Verband der deutschen Kultur, IVDK) for the invitation to Russia and many interesting meetings and experiences!

An interview with the LD team can be found here: „Будущим вожатым языковых лагерей рассказали о проекте Language diversity“ (Russian)

Read more: „Teams aus Russland beim internationalen Wettbewerb MiLaS dabei. Online-Abstimmung bis 02. Mai“ (German)

More Photos here

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