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Language certification

The field of language certification shows possibilities for recognition and testing of language skills. Of particular importance in this regard are the inclusion of minority languages and the possibilities for testing and recognition according to European standards.

To that end the instruments and methods of testing language proficiency through widely recognised procedures are being presented, the possibilities for recognition and certification and the existing systems, such as the Common European Framework of Reference for language learning.

  • Documentation on the first regional conference in Eupen, Belgium
    The documentation of the regional conference of the network RML2future in 2010 gives an overview of language certification and testing language skills and on the results of the conference.
  • Recognition and testing of language skills – report
    This report presents amongst other things the procedures and aims of language certification and language skill testing. It gives an overview of European and also regional language certifications that exist thus far.
  • Demand analysis for evaluation: study visits in selected multilingual regions:
    The question of recognition and assessing language skills in regions of language minorities cannot be answered easily without knowing the context in which these languages are “living”. In order to get to know this environment in every particular region, study visits in five selected regions were undertaken: Upper and Lower Lusatia in Germany; German-Danish border region; North Friesland in Germany; Carinthia in Austria and the Ladin valleys in South Tyrol.