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On the initiative of the Hungarian minority in Romania – FUEN-member “Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania” (RMDSZ) and supported by the “South Tyrolean People’s Party” (SVP) – FUEN-member from South Tyrol – and the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN) the idea of engaging in a European Citizens’ Initiative for the minorities in Europe was launched.

The European Citizens’ Initiative is an instrument of direct democracy in the European Union that was introduced with the Lisbon Treaty. Since 1 April 2012 citizens have the chance to use it. The citizens’ initiative enables citizens of the EU to ensure that the European Commission will deal with a specific issue. With statements of support from at least one million EU citizens, from at least seven Member States, the Commission can be called upon to propose a legal act on a subject for which measures have to be taken according to the initiators.

With the Citizens’ Initiative “Minority Safepack” the initiators call for a set of actions and legal acts to promote and to protect the autochthonous, national minorities and the regional or minority languages.

The official start of the European Citizens’ Initiative took place at the Cathedral Square in Brixen/South Tyrol on 21 June 2013, during the FUEN Congress, in the presence of representatives of the 7-member citizens’ committee with the Prime Minister of South Tyrol Luis Durnwalder, FUEN President Hans Heinrich Hansen and RMDSZ President Hunor Kelemen.

Language diversity supports the European Citizens’ Initiative “Minority Safepack” – in particular the measures in regard to regional or minority languages.


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